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I guess the way he did it works as well. Is there a way to eliminate the vacuum and have them work without vacuum? The Yamaha petcock that is a common replacement for the OEM KLR petcock has a couple of downsides.

Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a V-Twin Manufacturing Vacuum Petcock By-Pass Kit (part numberfrom. Instructions for OEM Petcock conversion from vacuum to manual? it was a straight forward operation. Isn&39;t there a guy named "Hurricane" over on KLR World who makes the manual conversion to the stock petcock? The kit includes the following pieces: • 1-Large o-ring, seals petcock to bottom of fuel tank. The 1978 and ’79 models have a left and right side valve.

Basically converting it to a manual petcock. I thought Tricky modified it, as many do, to eliminate the need for vacuum. This carter talon came with a Vacuum petcock from the factor. I really used the bike in the hinterlands and didn&39;t want one more thing to try and diagnose if the bike quit. Barring those issues, the problem is caused by a small tear in the vacuum diaphragm within the fuel petcock. 6) convert vacuum petcock to manual Cut two short lengths of the old vacuum line and plug them with a bolt that fits tightly. Anyone have or know where to.

The primary fuel tube that ensures you have reserve fuel left is about convert vacuum petcock to manual half the height of the oem, leaving you with only about 20 miles of reserve. We have single-outlet and double-outlet Pingel petcocks, brass Pingel petcocks and Pingel petcock adapter plates. HD was ahead of the game with it Carb bikes are gravity feed fuel the Government was looking at requiring different types of safety shut off to prevent fuel leaks. Some of you have asked why and how I converted the stock Savage vacuum petc0ck to manual dirt-bike style ON/OFF/RES. 70:1-or-steeper gears, and a manual trans or an automatic with a high-stall converter, you should definitely. The petcock of the GS is normally activated via a vacuum.

I verified it by riding with a manual hand vacuum pump attached to the fuel valve. More problems for some than they are worth. Mike sells manual petcocks that fit in tanks that were made to hold the vacuum type. This allows gas to flow with out the presence of a vacuum. Converting vacuum petcock to manual. Discussion Starter • 1.

One was hauled home the other was broke down along side the road. - remove the petcock from gas tank. Re: Vacuum to manual petcock conversion « Reply 12 on: J, 06:02:18 AM » Arnie, If you know of a solenoid fuel valve that you describe, that fits under the fuel tank of the earlier gravity-fed FJ&39;s, and that is equipped with the OEM airbox, please post a link for it. Is the vacuum operated portion of your stock petcock giving you trouble? This mod makes the petcock fully manual, and you have to turn it off to cut off the fuel flow to the carb. one day i saw a fuel stain on the starter clutch cover.

Now with all bikes being EFI it is not an issue anymore. How to convert your petcocks from vacuum-operated to manual (with Off / Reserve / On functions. I need to rebuild my petcock since it is leaking fuel like a SOB and has contaminated my oil.

Actually you have 5 options, add replace vac line and replace diaphragm. I&39;m going to change the petcock from vacuum to manual. Converting from a vacuum operated fuel shut off (petcock) to a manual fuel shut off. Hi everybody, My s started leaking from the fuel petcock and i decided to install new from non vacuum operated from a yamaha. convert stock petcock to manual,.

Fallowing is what i found; It started leaking the day after i fille. Pingel is the first name in aftermarket petcocks and fuel valves. Don&39;t want to be in the middle of TAT and have the vacuum port flood gasoline into the intake manifold. This video uses a Fuel cock from a DRZ400 which is fairly universal to other models of motorcycles. The petcock that came on the tank I&39;m fitting on my bike has just 1 outlet for gas to carb. Many people want to change this to a convert vacuum petcock to manual manual petcock - this is not cheap in the UK. What is required if possible? The petcock threads are described as "large" and "coarse", but I haven&39;t found an accurate measurement anywhere yet.

« on: J, 08:22:40 PM » I know I&39;ve seen it on here before and I thought I saved it but can&39;t find it now. Purchase the V-Twin Manufacturing Vacuum Petcock By-Pass Kit at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. The petcock that came with the BIKE had 3 outlets - 1 for gas to carbs, 1 for vacuum to right side carb that connects to carb between engine and carb, and 1 for overflow that opens to air below the bike. 8) Install the other onto the vacuum inlet of the petcock. I know I have to plug the vacuum line but what do I do with the fuel supply on the right side of the tank?

There are several things to consider before installation: 1) This kit must only be installed on petcocks with an “OFF” position. The restart is accomplished by the fuel in the float bowl until the engine draws vacuum and opens the petcock. Concours Manual Petcock Conversion Kit from Murph! First some background that might save others wasted time: I looked for suitable alternatives. chilimac · Registered.

5) Install your fuel line back onto the petcock along with the manual shutoff. The kit includes the following pieces:• 1-Large o-ring, seals petcock to bottom of fuel tank• 1-Medium sized. If you know already and want to save me a long walk to the hardware store.

So I have a DRZ with a vacuum petcock. I&39;m old and old school. See if the fuel valve has a "prime" position on it.

To ask your question go here htmlConverting from a vacuum operated fuel shut off (petcock) to a manual. left: tank-mounted vacuum petcock that gives me less fuel anytime I need more right: The threads look like 3/8"npt (interchangeable with 14mm 1. Certainly if the engine has high compression, a serious cam, a single-plane intake, 3. Many have changed to a Pingle manual petcock or retro fitted to the regular HD mechanical. The purpose of the vac petcock is to close off the fuel when the engine stops from lack of vacuum. When your bike coughs spits then dies and won&39;t start because your vacuum line fell of, or your petcock just screwed up, come back to this thread. Open 4 screws on the rear plate. This is described here.

MikesXS petcock is of the earlier model design with a wider mounting flange to be comparable with the vacuum type base. I just did a conversion from 883 to 1250. The vacuum setup is prone to failures leading to a hydrolocked engine. This post is the prelude to the how-to.

*Parts listed below* How to convert a vacuum petcock to a manual petcock on Gy6 powered buggies. This video explains in detail what to look for in a failing vacuum operated fuel cock and how to convert to a manual version. The vacuum petcocks are diaphragm controlled and are getting to the point of not able to repair. Everyone I know that had a Vacuum petcock fail just got rid of it. Replace it with a manual petcock from Mike&39;s XS. I used one on my last KLR, and it worked great.

They cost something like or bucks, something like that, but they eliminate the problem of leaking fuel that you&39;re going to have with the vacuum petcocks. So, the vacuum petcock seems to be working fine, and there seems to be enough vacuum. Kainam, you are correct on the vacuum petcocks, but the OP is changing to the "old school" petcock. If you still don&39;t get any fuel to the carb, you&39;ll have to remove the petcock from the tank and clean the screen or unstop the petcock. . KLR650 Manual Petcock Conversion Kit This kit replaces the rear cover of the fuel tank petcock, to convert it from vacuum to manual operation.

- take out the spring. While in there I was thinking hard about trying to convert this from a vacuum operated one to a manual. Can vacuum petcock be converted to non vacuum? Vacuum petcock was a good idea that just did not work out. The vacuum shut-off is normally held closed by a spring.

I hadn&39;t found it on the forum, but for those interested in making the vacuum petcock into a manual one. It includes the cover, nitrile (Buna-N) gasket, screws, and a cap for the carb vacuum port (or the vacuum tee on California models). This is a quick and easy way to convert the vacuum petcock into a manual one. Did a search and found some posts about it but none really to my liking that fully explained what I was looking at.

A Pingel petcock is a great solution for your vintage Japanese motorcycle restoration. How to convert yourvacuum petcock to work without vacuum with a simple flat head screwdriver. I&39;ve had to replace my vac line just about every year. How to convert your petcocks from vacuum-operated to manual (with Off / Reserve / On functions. The Big Cee petcock conversion kit will convert your automatic petcock to a fully manual one by replacing the diaphragm and rear cover. Any help is appreciated. 7) Install one of these short hoses onto the open port of your intake manifold.

For the most part, the vacuum operated petcock on the VT & FT Ascots works well & usually doesn&39;t cause any problems. Under certain circumstances it may be helpful to convert the petcock to a manual one. The vacuum-operated fuel tap (aka ‘petcocks’) on these bikes have two main failings. There is the potential of the diaphragm forming a leak & then not allowing enough fuel to flow to the carbs/engine, etc. Converts the vacuum operated petcock to a manual operation. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. With the conversion, the diaphram is removed and replaced with a simple gasket.

Hey all, need some help with a petcock on ac. . Replace with new stock petcock,. If so, put it in this position. I&39;d put a manual petcock in and block the vacuum line. You&39;re bike may be equipped with a vacuum operated petcock. Just like the good old manual ones.

After fighting with 3 convert vacuum petcock to manual different Suzuki petcocks, spending $$$ on parts, and hours of playing in gas, I&39;ve decided it isn&39;t worth it (unless doing a 100% restore). First let&39;s define how the petcock works before the mod. Z1 also stocks KZ1000 petcock kits, CB750 petcock kits and Suzuki petcock kits. On a manual petcock the fuel line runs from the bottom of the petcock to the carb.

Think of the vacuum operated valve as a second shut-off downstream from the manual valve (although they are actually one assembly). replace with manual, Raptor petcock. Normally, the slight vacuum from the carb pulls on a diaphram in the petcock, and that allows fuel to pass through.

This is the kit for you! ;^) I was able to tell the friend broke down along side the road look for the vacuum line that fell off. But I&39;ll want to do this mod anyway for reliability. The 1980 – ’83 were designed with the Left side valve only.

Convert vacuum petcock to manual

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